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        1. 產品中心

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          一.11KV/27KV/38KV自動重合器 :11KV/27KV/38KV OPERATION MANUAL:

          ZW32 高壓交流戶外重合器由ZW32真空斷路器與CH4控制器組成。

          ZW32 HV.AC outdoor Recloser is combined of ZW32 vacuum circuit breaker and CH4 Recloser Control.


          IEC56-427 《交流高壓斷路器》HV.AC circuit breaker

          GB1984-2003 《交流高壓斷路器》HV.AC circuit breaker

          GB/T11022-1999 《高壓開關設備和控制設備標準的共用技術要求》

          Common technology of HV.AC switchgear and Recloser Control equipment’s

          DL/T403-2000 《12-40.5kV交流高壓斷路器訂貨技術條件》

          Order technology conditions of 12-40.5kV HV.AC circuit breaker

          Q/TG35-JT 《ZW32型-15/630型戶外交流真空器斷路器技術條件》

          Technology conditions of ZW32-15KV HV-AC outdoor vacuum circuit breaker

          二.11KV/27KV/38KV自動重合器使用的環境條件:11KV/27KV/38KV OPERATION MANUALEnvironment conditions:

          A:海拔高度不超過3000 m; Altitude≤ 3000m

          B:周圍空氣溫度-45℃~+65℃;日溫差25℃; Ambient temperature is -45℃-65℃, the daily temperature difference is 25℃

          C:風速不大于35m/s;Wind speed is not more than 35m/s

          D: 地震強度不超過8度;Earthquake strength is not more than 8 degree

          E:污穢等級:IV級;Pollution class:4 class

          F:安裝場所:無易燃、爆炸危險、化學腐蝕的場所。The installation site is free from explosion,fire and chemical corrosion

          三.11KV/27KV/38KV自動重合器技術參數: OPERATION MANUALTechnology Parameter of Recloser:

          1.主要技術參數見表1.Main technology parameter see table 1.









          額定電壓Rated voltage






          額定頻率Rated Frequency




          額定電流Rated current




          Rated short circuit current






          Rated peak withstand current






          Duration of rated short circuit current






          Rated short circuit making current (peak)






          Rated operation sequence




          機械壽命mechanical life




          Breaking times at rated short circuit current




          Power frequency withstand voltage in 1 min

          相間、對地 /斷口
          Phase to earth/phase to phase /break






          Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) phase to earth/phase to phase /break






          二次回路1min工頻耐壓 secondary withstand voltage in 1  min



          2.永磁操作機構特性見表2 magnetic mechanism parameter see table 2

          Table 2表2永磁操作機構主要技術參數magnetic mechanism parameter

          名    稱name

          數  值value

          備  注note

          型 號model



          輸入電壓input voltage

          AC 220


          UPS后備電源backup power





          Single capacity coils and single stability


          儲能電容電壓capacitor voltage



          最大合閘/分閘線圈電流 max coils current



          合閘保持力(最大)max holding power



          運動行程(最大)max travel




          Set max time of CO coils impulse current


          自動調整automatic adjustable

          環境environment temperature





          故障計數功能  fault counter

          1~3次 times


          開關操作計數器 operation counter



          四.11KV/27KV/38KV自動重合器 11KV/27KV/38KV OPERATION MANUAL


          ZW32 is a three-phase structure, each phase is combined of vacuum interrupter and operation insulator in the sealed pole. The permanent magnet mechanism adopts three-phase linkage, mounted in a sealed stainless-steel shell. Enclosure is with IP67.


          The magnetic mechanism is with interlock function to keep the operation of mechanism in good condition and keep the ON/OFF condition by electromagnetic lock. Tripping is done by a anti power of coils from a anti current .The operation power is supplied by the capacitor in the Recloser Control.

          4.3:ZW32重合器具有手動跳閘功能,可通過拉動開關外殼的手柄使重合器保持在分閘位置。開關外殼同時裝有分合指示,方便站在地面上的操作者觀察。重合器的分合狀態可以通過輔助開關的狀態來檢測。通過3相套管的800:1 CT進行電流測量,此CT用于電流測量和過流保護。主回路套管材料為防紫外線的性能穩定的聚合體,出線處的硅橡膠套管具有可靠的爬電距離。

          ZW32 Recloser is with manual tripping function to keep the Recloser at ON/OFF positions by handle the hand shank out of the shell which is with indication ON/OFF ,it is easy for operator to watch conditions from the ground., the Recloser‘s ON/OFF can be inspected by state of auxiliary switch .by current transformer of which rate is 600/1A(100-500/1A optional) CT to meter current and protect the overcurrent .The main insulated pole is poly insulating material which is anti-ultraviolet rays. The silicon rubber tube of outlet is with high creep distance. The terminal kit to connect with connector and overhead line.

          五.11KV/27KV/38KV自動重合器 回路套管11KV/27KV/38KV OPERATION MANUAL主Main insulated bushing




          Main insulated bushing is poly insulated pole, the silicon rubber is suitable for working environments where is very heavy polluted.

          5.2:電流互感器和電壓傳感器current transformer and voltage sensor

          電流的測量是通過安裝在A-B-C絕緣套管側的3只800:1 的CT實現。CT的二次輸出接至位于本體殼體端部的電流互感器保護模塊,通過控制電纜接到控制箱內。

          The current metering is achieved by 3 pcs current transformers of which rate is 600:1 at side of insulated bushing side.the secondary current outlet is connected to the protect module of current transformer at terminal part of the mechanism shell and connect to the Recloser Control by control cable.


          The voltage metering is achieved by 3/6pcs voltage sensors of which rate is at the side of insulated bushing. The secondary voltage sensor terminal is connected to the protect module of voltage at the terminal part of the mechanism part and connect to the Recloser Control by a control cable .

          CT & VS

          5.4:電流互感器和電壓傳感器手動機械分閘手柄位置指示器 手動分閘手柄材料為烤漆不銹鋼,顏色為綠色,分閘所需的向下拉力小于20kg。 當拉下此手柄時,重合器將分閘。current transformer and voltage sensormanual handle for ON/OFF indication of position O/I

          The manual handle is made of stainless with barking finish, the color is green, the power is 20kg to draw down the handle to open the recloser.

          手動機械分閘手柄 manual handle for ON/OFF

          位置指示器indication of position O/I


          The yellow arrow to “0” indicate “OPEN”, the yellow arrow to “I” indicate “CLOSE”

          控制電纜航空插座Integration socket with control cable

          ZW32Recloser’s control cable connect Recloser Control and vacuum circuit breaker by the integration socket which include CT signal,voltage sensor signal and all the signals of coils and auxiliary switch signals, the cable length is 8m。

          控制電纜航空插座 integration socket with control cable

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